A filtration reveals the successor of iPhone X


iPhone XS
Promotional image of the new iPhone of 2018, unveiled by a website specializing in Apple news 
The margin of surprise is less than two weeks from the presentation of the new iPhone and Apple Watch, which the company confirmed yesterday through one of its enigmatic invitations to the press. The expected  keynote in which each year announces its main releases will finally take place on Wednesday September 12, as analysts had anticipated.
The annual ritual with which Apple seeks to enthuse its followers has a date. And although the call -whose slogan "Let's get together in a circle" sounds both mystical and self-parody-left a door open to suspense, the specialized website 9to5Mac unveiled a leak of  the first real images of the successor of the iPhone X, and also those of the  Fourth generation Apple Watch.
This time they are not photos of components obtained from the factories that are already producing the 2018 models, nor assemblies designed by designers that gather  all we already know about the new iPhone thanks to small previous leaks, but for the first time Apple has let out several photos beforehand with which he promotes those products on his website.

Two sizes, same design

The filtration, without recent precedents, confirms what has already been advanced during the summer by those who found clues in the beta versions of the new iOS 12 operating system and also in the production chains: the iPhone X will have a successor with the same design and two sizes (one 
model like the current one and another larger, 6.5 inches screen). Failing to know the name - "iPhone Xs" is the option that follows the logic used by Apple in the biannual evolution of their phones - and the final technical specifications, the images reveal that the iPhone with OLED screen will be available for the first time in Golden colour.
Filtered image of the fourth generation Apple Watchenlarge photo
Filtered image of the fourth generation Apple Watch 
In addition to these new models, whose starting price will be around a thousand dollars, Apple is expected to also present  a third cheaper phone on September 12. The filtration has not revealed images of that new iPhone with 6.1-inch LCD screen, but the new Apple 
Watch. And the promotional image of the fourth generation of this smart watch shows a significantly larger screen without increasing the size of the device.
It is the first major design change in the Apple Watch. Faced with the rumors that pointed to a new circular format (such as watches using the Google Wear OS), the company that chairs Tim Cook has opted for another solution to show more information on their watches and adopt circular displays, as in traditional watches The technological path is the same as that first explored by Apple in its 10.5-inch iPad Pro and then exploded with its iPhone X: drastically reduce the thickness of the border (black) that surrounds its screen.
The company continues its line of evolving the technology of its screens so that they occupy almost the entire front of their devices, while maintaining a design of their products that has become as iconic and recognizable as discussed -by solutions such as chin of the iPhone X, the idea of ​​"earpiece type slope" of the AirPods or the rectangular format of the Apple Watch itself.

The annual ceremony

Apple often includes  clues about its new products in its invitations to the press, in which it combines cryptic and provocative messages with a minimalist design (like the hand-drawn logo for the announcement of the last iPad, with which it pointed towards compatibility with its digital pencil). The invitation of this new  keynote has originated all kinds of interpretations and  parodies in social networks.
Invitation for the presentation of Apple, under the motto
Invitation for the presentation of Apple, under the theme "Let's get together in a circle" 
The references to the paranormal and the imaginary of the religious sects are combined with more earthly explanations, such as the golden circle represents the plant of the  already finished Apple's new headquarters, where the presentation will take place within the Steve Jobs Auditorium. The reverential memory of the deceased leader will also be a safe bet this time, as in all the appointments of recent years.
His idea of ​​a circular building connects with the challenges and design trends of Apple smart phones and watches, which seeks to round the corners of all its screens, and this is confirmed by the filtered images. With this security flaw the speculations on a new circular device have been turned off as the final big surprise of the keynote , emulating the One more thing ... ("one more thing", in English) with which Steve Jobs finished seducing his faithful .

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