The first 5G smartphone officially presented

Xiaomi will be the first smartphone maker to offer a 5G model to its customers.
The Chinese brand presented this week its new Mi Mix 3, a high-end model with refined design and outstanding performance that introduces several major innovations.

Selfie enthusiasts will appreciate the presence of a sliding and retractable camera, inspired by that of Honor's latest smartphone. However, it is especially its 5G compatibility that should be talked about.
Because if Lenovo had taken the front by introducing the first smartphone capable of connecting to a 5G network - through the use of a shell incorporating a dedicated micro-processor - it will finally be Xiaomi who will offer the first 5G series .
On the social networks, the president of the group confirmed the holding of the first tests 5G for his devices. "The 5G connection has been successfully tested on Xiaomi phones ... looking forward to seeing the 5G roll out next year!" He said earlier this week, before adding some details on the performance of the Mi Mix 3. According to him, downloads will occur 10 times faster than with 4G.
Paradoxically, the Mi Mix 3 will be unable to take advantage of this compatibility before the deployment of the first 5G networks - planned for 2019 in the United States and China, and probably in 2020 in Europe. Its buyers will have to be patient to take advantage of the performance of the smartphone ...

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