When Samsung may be hit by a Chinese brand is not falling


Samsung Galaxy S10 may be the most important smartphone that Samsung has ever made it, because now many Chinese brands bring technology to fight the wrong kind ever.
Featured Technology In today's market, it's a really borderless bezel. Non-incised With a popup camera And embed the fingerprint sensor on the screen. And it seems that Samsung is forced to follow the technology in the market now.
However, it is hoped that Samsung will have a new technology in the Galaxy S10, fingerprint Ultrasonic fingerprint reader and support 5G, but it seems that the design will become difficult for the Samsung Galaxy S10 may not be different. From the original version very much.
@UniverseIce reports that if the Galaxy S10 has not changed, more design could become a follower of Huawei immediately, and may make the brand look down too. @UniverseIce is reported every detail of the Galaxy Note 9 came out. Everything is like a launch. No less missed. It is possible that he may know the data of the Galaxy S10 again.

Huawei Mate 20 and Mate 20 Pro are the same as Huawei's. The above report is consistent with previous reports that Huawei's sales exceeded Apple's second place in the world, but even Samsung is still in the top spot. But it has less sales clearly.

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