Bezel-less Smartphone Vivo V7 + Immediately glides 6 GB RAM

In the Indian market, Vivo also one of the largest smartphone manufacturer in China has released an invitation or digital posters 

Vivo V7 Plus Leak
associated with the launch of its newest product, Vivo V7 +. The launch event will be held on September 7, 2017, precisely at 12:30 Indian time.

One thing that is interesting, in a poster or a written invitation "Get Ready to Caoure, Clear Shot Clear Moment". Of course, it is hinted that Vivo will improve the ability of front and rear cameras mounted on the V7 + intact.

In fact, Vivo also invite the invitees who attended the launch of the smartphone to try to direct all cameras installed on the V7 +, especially selfie camera that heralded already more revolutionary.


Vivo V7 Plus Poster

Besides the camera, the design of the V7 + participating Vivo raised in the invitation is also the center of attention. It seems clear, this smartphone seems packed almost no bezel, either the left or the right. Bezel top and bottom side was also shrinking.

Not a few people have speculated, is this smartphone Vivo concoction that is predicted to appear to support the fingerprint on the screen? As we know, Vivo has introduced a prototype product with a fingerprint sensor models at MWC 2017 Shanghai last.

However, not a few people who also estimated that Vivo will be pinned on the V7 + fingerprint sensor on the back. Because, Vivo still need more development time to deliver fingerprint sensors in the screen to be able to work optimally.

Then, what hardware sector of V7 + this? The rumor, this smartphone will be equipped with Snapdragon 660 chipset plus 6 GB RAM. Additionally, Vivo also presents a capacity of 128 GB of internal storage which is expandable via microSD.

For its power supply, Vivo V7 + will be equipped with a battery capacity of 3,500 mAh. Packed with a 5.5-inch Super AMOLED display Full HD, it still adopt Android smartphone Nougat. In addition to India, later Vivo V7 + also will be present in China with a different name.

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