LG V30 Have Features Audio Unprecedented in Smartphone

Shortly after releasing a teaser video touting "immersive sound" offered V30, LG today revealed more details about the capabilities of its flagship smartphone. As reported by Phonearena, LG V30 promised audio function brings a new generation that has never existed in previous smartphone devices.lg v30

Just like last year's V20, V30 LG Hi-Fi includes Quad DAC (digital to analog converter) which has been accompanied by an increase in capability. Thanks to the cooperation with the California-based ESS Technology, Advanced Hi-Fi from V30 Quad DAC has features such as digital filters and preset sound.

This feature allows the user to experience a more customizable, and offers high quality and crystal clear sound even with headphones "ordinary". This reinforced an outstanding official screenshot displays the audio display customization V30.

v30 audio

V30 also claimed to be superior in streaming audio because it uses high-resolution streaming technology from UK-based MQA Ltd. In addition, this smartphone is able to produce a good sound recordings because of its audio receiver can digunakakn in conjunction with the microphone. According to LG, the device can record sound with a wider dynamic range.

Last but certainly, LG said it continues to collaborate with B & O Play (Bang & Olufsen company), which enhance the overall experience in the V30 sound. In addition, similar to the V20, the new device will come with earphones B & O Play high quality in the sales box.

As a reminder, the LG V30 will be launched on August 31, in an event that will be broadcast live. This smartphone will likely be widely available in the US and other markets beginning in September.

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