Xiaomi Smartphone Release Its New Flagship Dual-camera Early September


Through his official Twitter account, Xiaomi back chirping. The contents of the booms is quite surprising that soon they will release a new smartphone is equipped with dual-camera support. The launch time mentioned is dated 5 September 2017.My MIX 2 GlobalLaunch

As we all know, that date falls the day before the expiry of the IFA 2017 event in Berlin, Germany. Using hashtags #XiaomiGlobalLaunch, the question arises whether the origin of Chinese smartphone manufacturers will release these devices at IFA 2017?

Not much can be revealed from kiacuan posed by Xiaomi. However, it is certain that the smartphone is the flagship and entry into the ranks of dual-camera smartphone.

Xiaomi GlobalLaunch 1

Teaser image that is included also shows two circles of different sizes. This of course implies a dual-camera configuration of embedded, which is a wide-angle lens and the other is a telephoto lens, as well as dual-camera at the Mi 6.

Not a few were suspected, the device is Mi MIX 2. Really? So why Xiaomi include the hashtag #XiaomiGlobalLaunch? Of course, this is closely related to the success of the first generation MIX Mi received a positive response.

Yes! see it seems to be bringing Xiaomi Mi MIX 2 to a global market. The appeal of this smartphone is thinner bezel design than its predecessor. It is also expected, support for dual-camera could be added value of this smartphone.

The presence of Mi MIX 2 also become a weapon for Xiaomi to compete with a Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and V30 concoction LG which soon will also be introduced. What is clear, Mi MIX 2 is not equipped with a stylus. So, which do you choose?

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