HTC Smartphones Still Have Three Mysterious until end of 2017

At the beginning of 2017 and HTC never threw the word that they will be releasing 6 to 7 smartphones this year. In fact, until now HTC has scrolled three products, namely U HTC Play, HTC U Ultra and HTC U11.

The latest news that was brought by Corn Chen who is also a member of the community of HTC said that the Taiwanese smartphone manufacturer will still be releasing several new smartphones before it closed in 2017.

Mentioned, there will be three smartphones that will be presented by HTC. All three have a code naming Ocean Master, Ocean Harmony, and Ocean Lite. In fact, Chen also had openly refused to mention the specifications of the three smartphone.


Ocean Master is packed with a screen size of 6 inches. This smartphone will also be equipped with a 12 MP rear camera and front camera of 8 MP. There will be two variants of Ocean Master, the RAM 4 GB + 64 GB ROM and RAM 6 GB + 128 GB ROM.

No different from the Ocean Master, Ocean Harmony will also be packed with a landscape screen measuring 6 inches. While Ocean Lite is packed with a 5.2 inch screen. Both Harmony and Lite, each will be present in one variant, the RAM 4 GB + 64 GB ROM.

According to reports circulating stated that the Ocean Master and Ocean Lite will be introduced by HTC in November 2017. Meanwhile, the newly introduced Harmony Ocean in December 2017, to be precise before Christmas.

Unfortunately, none of these three smartphones are manufactured U11 Life HTC under Google's Android One program. However, it is quite interesting because at least HTC still has the "ammunition" is expected to also appear at the end of the 2017's.

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