MIX OPPO, OPPO candidate of Flagship Premium?


To show its presence in the global smartphone industry, OPPO reportedly is preparing the latest devices. From some rumors, this smartphone will be crowned the inaugural flagship device belongs OPPO.


Of course, this is a new step taken by OPPO, considering that the current smart phone manufacturers from China is not at all to produce smartphones that have a flagship status for the past two years because it chose to focus on selfie smartphone.

Leaked pictures and specifications on this smartphone also had appeared in Geekbench in mid-July. This smartphone has a code naming OPPO MIX. In addition, this smartphone will be equipped with Snapdragon chipset plus 835 6 GB RAM.


Meanwhile, OPPO MIX is expected to use the Android operating system 7.1.1 Nougat are likely to be combined with OPPO's UI. The combination of hardware and software have resulted in a score of 1,907 points (single-core) and 6596 points (multi-core).

Although it does not appear so clear, the image associated with the design of this smartphone has also been spread in cyberspace. Apparently, OPPO MIX will carry the bezel-less design concepts like some contemporary flagship smartphone.

However, for the moment OPPO information about MIX is no longer visible on Geekbench. Nevertheless, rumors and leaks about the smartphone is re-emerging in some media in China.

OPPO MIX GeekBench

Some reports said OPPO MIC is expected to be released in November 2017. Not only that, some other sources also mention that the OPPO MIX will be packaged with a Super AMOLED display panel.

Another source says that even participate OPPO MIX will have a rear camera with 5X optical zoom capability. However, there is little gadget that pessimistic, whether OPPO able to realize it.

Other news, OPPO is not expected to enter this first flagship smartphone in the series F or R. Therefore, it is strongly suspected OPPO will release a new series specifically for smartphone display that has a flagship status.

As we all know, OPPO has been fairly successful poured Plus and OPPO OPPO R11 F3 this year. Both are equipped with special abilities, especially in the embedded camera.

But in fact, both smartphones are still adopting a middle-class chipset. OPPO F3 Plus uses a Snapdragon 653, while the OPPO R11 just crammed with 660 Snapdragon chipset.

Now, in order to expand its market reach, there's nothing wrong OPPO develop a smartphone that has a flagship status. Of course, we can only wait, whether OPPO OPPO dare to realize the MIX will be listed as the flagship smartphone?

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