Moving Faster Samsung Galaxy Series Early Prepare S9

Samsung seems to never stop creating shock therapy against competitors, especially the smartphone manufacturers who produce premium device. The latest gossip, South Korean electronics manufacturer is reportedly is preparing Galaxy S9.

As we all know, Samsung has recently released three latest premium smartphone, the Galaxy S8 , Galaxy S8 + and Note8. The presence of all three also received a positive response from the gadget in many countries.

Quoted from Android Headlines, Samsung has started the development of firmware for two premium smartphones, namely that enters the Galaxy line S9, which will be launched in 2018.


Two firmware has a number G960FXXU0AQI5 and G965FXXU0AQI5 development. The first number probably refers to the development of smaller devices. While the second number refers to the development of a larger device.

In other words, the Galaxy S9 will have model number SM-G960F, while the Galaxy S9 + model number is SM-G965F. This information is valid because it seems closer in line with the model numbers listed in the Galaxy ever S8 (SM-G950X) and S8 + (SM-G955X).

The news that Samsung is working on a firmware for the Galaxy S9 Series as if to indicate that the next generation Galaxy debut S8 will undergo faster in the year 2018. Estimated to be released in March and marketed in the second half of April.

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Indeed, the launch of the Galaxy S8 Series itself fairly late. Habits Samsung, Galaxy S Series was launched simultaneously with the event Mobile World Congress (MWC) held in Barcelona, ​​Spain.

However, for 2017, Samsung was forced to postpone the scheduled launch of the Galaxy S8 and S8 +. Forced this was done because Samsung wants to make sure that both the premium smartphone comes with a safe besutannya without any constraints.

As we all know, Samsung had suffered a "tragedy" unhappy with the Galaxy Note7. Yes! Some of the existing smartphone in the hands of consumers is explosive and flammable. Samsung also must attract the massive Galaxy Note7 of the market.

Back to the Galaxy S9 firmware development, up to now have not known exactly when Samsung will release and the smartphone market in the next year. It could be, they returned to savor the moments MWC 2018 event.

S9 own Galaxy series is expected to be powered by Snapdragon 845 and Exynos 9810. Additionally, the RAM that will be injected into the magnitude of this smartphone is 6 GB and 64 GB of internal storage. Infinity Display and dual-camera seems also not to be missed pinned.

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