New Features Google Pixel 2 Back Revealed

Beginning next month, or more precisely October 4, 2017, Google will release a new flagship smartphone Pixel 2. The latest rumor says that this device will not have a design that looks like most of the smartphones released in 2017.

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It is estimated that 2 Pixel design will look exactly the same as the previous generation Pixel. Indeed, the design of the first generation Pixel very suitable as a smartphone output in 2016. However, this year many manufacturers are adopting smartphone big screen with a thin bezel.

In fact, not a few of the top smartphone manufacturer to maximize the ability of the screen with the ratio of screen-to-body. As a result, has a wider screen, but when gripped the smartphone still gives a sense of comfort.


However, because of Pixel 2 was created by HTC , the chances are the screen design like the HTC U11, which has a fairly large bezel on the top and bottom of the screen. Meanwhile, Pixel 2 XL, developed by LG will have a more attractive design and contemporary.

Not unlike LG G6 and LG V30, most likely on the screen bezel Pixel 2 XL will be made thinner. By doing so, the smartphone is actually a more modern look coupled with qualified hardware specifications.

While Pixel 2 will have a compact design and the selling price is much cheaper than the Pixel 2 XL. Nevertheless, predicted Pixel 2 will remain attractive in the eyes of the fans of Android devices.

Some of the information circulating on Twitter also said that Pixel 2 will have only a single camera support. Even so, a single fixed camera is capable of displaying the options are fully enabled bokeh effect using software.

The assertion that is not less interesting also comes from the mouth Artem Russakovskii, founder of Android Police. He said that Google has completely redesigned massively Homescreen and Search Bar on Pixel 2.

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Other news mentions, Pixel 2 will also be inserted Squeeze ever feature on the HTC U11. In fact, the smartphone will be equipped with new features that can display the artist and title of a song sung in Lockscreen when the user plays a song.

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