Redmi Note 5, Have Dual-camera However Similar Design predecessor

Rumors Xiaomi is working on redmi Note 5 apparently could not be separated from the discussion lovers aka Mi loyal fans. Shape or design of the smartphone is also making a lot of curious people.

But not to wait long, a figure showing a device that allegedly redmi Note 5 have been leaked on the internet. One point to keep in mind, this is just a prototype for the image and can not be ascertained 100 percent truth.

If the reference of some leaked images exist, an outline of the design redmi Note 5 is not much different with redmi Note 4 . It is estimated that, this smartphone is packed with a screen size of 5 inches and wrapped in a metal body.


Redmi Note 5 2

In addition, the position of capacitive buttons are still the same as its predecessor. This design was also confirmed, it looks like Xiaomi not want to embrace the use of full-screen 18: 9 on redmi Note 5 is being worked on.

Other equations between redmi Note 5 to redmi Note 4 is the placement of physical buttons, such as Volume and Power (On / Off). Besides laying the USB port, speakers and container are still the same SIM card. Only, redmi Note 5 estimated to have been using a USB Type-C port.

Alternatively, redmi Note 5 will also follow in the footsteps redmi Note the previous generation, the first attended by MediaTek chipset, and then re-created concoction Qualcomm chipset.

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If it is allowed to guess, the first time redmi Note 5 will come with support for MediaTek Helio P25 chipset. Furthermore repackaged with support Snapdragon 660, although Snapdragon 630 would be a rational choice.

To support the performance, redmi Note 5 will be equipped with a choice of 3 GB RAM or 4 GB. So also with the option of internal storage is loaded, there are 32 GB and 64 GB. All were packed by Xiaomi that consumers can choose according to their needs.

Redmi Note 5 3

Still referring of leaked images being displayed, redmi Note 5 seems to be having dual rear camera which is positioned vertically. Of course, dual-camera layout reminds us of the redmi Pro, the difference is only laying the LED flash.

It is estimated that, Xiaomi will embed a dual-camera configuration with 16 MP + 5 MP. While the front camera has a resolution of 12 MP. Redmi Note 5 will also be equipped with a fingerprint sensor that is placed on the back of the device.

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Another feature that is expected to be published by Xiaomi into this smartphone is the support capacity of 4000 mAh battery, 4G VoLTE, and NFC. Redmi Note 5 also supposed to come with Android-based MIUI 9 7.1 Nougat.

Questions that are not less interesting, when this smartphone is launched? It is estimated redmi Note 5 will be released before the end of 2017. Of course, we will continue to wait for a breakthrough Xiaomi smartphone associated with this one.

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