Sony Xperia Series Fixed Work, Design Legacy Goodbye

For lovers of smartphones made by Sony, there is good news spoken by Kenichiro Hibi, Managing Director of Sony India. Not long ago, Hibi remarks that Sony plans to launch the latest Xperia smartphones.

Not just a new smartphone, which will be launched Xperia brings design that is totally different to the previous line of Xperia series. In other words, it could be Sony will leave OmniBalance design that has been introduced since 2013 ago.

Predictably, Hibi understand the direction of today's modern smartphone market, which is packed with a screen that has an aspect ratio of 18: 9 and bezel-less design. Of course, it certainly can be done by Sony through a new product that will dihadirkannya.


Not a few analysts who see, the top electronics manufacturers from Japan have also been ignoring the low-end market. In fact, they produce the targeted smartphone market menyasarkan middle class, but not strong also against competitors.

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With that in mind, Sony would not be able to survive if they carry the legacy designs. In fact, not a few other smartphone manufacturers are competing to produce a device with a touch bezel-less design.

Hibi related to the statement, we wait for the buzz Sony in the global smartphone market in the future. It is not possible for Sony to not follow the flow of innovation that heavy if you do not want to be left by customers loyal.

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