Working on Smartphone Meizu Bezel-less, Launched in 2018


Ard Boudeling recently as Head of Global Marketing Meizu issued a statement. The content of the statement is the assertion that Meizu next year will release an "ammunition" by a bezel-less design.

Meizu Bezelless Leaked

Interestingly, 2018 was also not rolling, rendering the devices allegedly mixing the Meizu have appeared in cyberspace. Although still a concept, it is likely that this smartphone will be available in the next year.

It seems clear, the screen bezel on the left and right side of the smartphone is very thin. While the screen bezel above and below are also small in size, similar to the LG V30 . Although it has a thin bezel, front camera and some sensors supporters can still be pinned on top.


While on the back of the device, Meizu put dual-camera positioned vertically main complete with LED flash. However, the question, in which the fingerprint sensor is placed?

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Referring to the leaked render images that are shown, on the front nothing at all to put a fingerprint sensor area. So also in the back of the device, insert the Meizu is not at all the security features.

Typically, the hallmark of the series smartphone Meizu on some previously always insert mBack multifunction button is also integrated with fingerprint sensor. Interesting! Do Meizu emulate Appleby removing mBack button with integrated fingerprint sensor?

Or Meizu wants to emulate innovation Vivo by embedding a fingerprint sensor just below the display? Of course, we will continue to wait until the bezel-less smartphone is really swing in the next year.

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