Compete with Sony, Samsung Introduces Two ISOCELL newest


In camera technology in smartphones, sensors developed by Sony to compete with Samsung, which ISOCELL. That said, Samsung also continues to fix the camera sensor capabilities.

In fact, the South Korean electronics manufacturer that has recently been introduced two latest ISOCELL sensor. Both the Samsung packed into categories and Slim Fast. Of course, this being an interesting innovation that return shown by Samsung.

ISOCELL sensor that goes into the category of Fast is Fast ISOCELL 2L9 with a resolution of 12 MP Dual-Pixel. Interestingly, the presence 2L9, Samsung also managed to eliminate lumps slimmer camera so that when inserted on a smartphone with a thin body though.


Sensor New Samsung ISOCELL

Not only that, the sensor with a resolution of 12 MP also has a smaller pixel size, which reached 1.28 lm. Yes! The size is much smaller when compared to the Galaxy S8 camera sensor pixels of 1.4 m).

Fast 2L9 ISOCELL sensor is also already using Dual-Pixel with two photo diodes on each pixel. As a result, the image may look sharper and work faster autofocus and accurate.

Even Samsung also dare to boast that it allows the sensor ISOCELL bokeh Fast 2L9 take photos that look more fun and dramatically simply by using one camera only.

While in the category of Slim, Slim ISOCELL Samsung pack it into 2X7 which has a resolution of 24 MP. It also becomes the first ISOCELL sensor that uses a pixel size smaller than 1 μm, ie 0.9 lm.

ISOCELL Slim appeal of this 2X7 is in the dark, the sensor will incorporate four pixels at once that aims to increase light sensitivity. Samsung is called Tetracell.

Additionally, Deep Trench Isolation owned by Slim 2X7 ISOCELL also promises an increase in dynamic range and color deterioration in crosstalk. Not unlike Fast 2L9, Slim fit 2X7 also pinned on a smartphone with a thin body.

Samsung also confirmed, not only for the main camera, 2L9 and Slim Fast ISOCELL 2X7 can also be embedded in the front of the camera. Unfortunately, Samsung did not disclose, what smartphone will first adopt this new sensor.

Even so, Samsung also promised that they will not cease to do ISOCELL sensor developers just got here. Mentioned, Samsung has high ambitions to create a camera sensor size below 1 lm.

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