Cooperate with LG, Apple Will Launch Folding Screen Smartphone?


Apple iPhone X be the most revolutionary series ever released Apple, but it does not mean that iPhone X is the last work. Yes, in the future Apple will consistently deliver a smartphone with more sophisticated capabilities.

A report from South Korea reported that Apple has cooperated with  LG to create a folding screen smartphone. Mentioned, LG Display will supply the folding screen, while LG Innotek will make circuit boards.

Reportedly, Apple will release the iPhone folding screen in 2020. Commencing still two years away, but LG Display has dared to declare its readiness for dispensing flexible OLED display.


In fact, the South Korean company has also recently completed a prototype and improving the quality and durability of the screen. For information together, this is not the first time Apple is working with LG Display or LG Innotek.

Previously, the smartphone manufacturer headquartered in Cupertino, USA is rumored to also have been working with LG Innotek. Such cooperation will be realized in 3D facial recognition technology on the iPhone 8 , iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X.

Unfortunately, Apple does not embed the technology into the iPhone X. Instead, Apple adopted the latest biometric security technology, the Face ID that is not mentioned who the maker. Meanwhile, the duo iPhone 8 even not provided the feature.

The big question arises, why Apple does not cooperate with Samsung Display? In fact, Samsung is a supplier of screens for the iPhone X. In addition, Samsung reportedly will also release a folding screen smartphone in 2018.

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Based on some of the information circulating in cyberspace, Apple does not want to cooperate with Samsung certainly has a reason, that they are concerned with the technology that is being worked on can and be heard by Samsung Electronics.

Nevertheless, until now it must be recognized that Samsung still be a supplier of screens for the iPhone, at least until the end of 2018. However, in 2019 there was a possibility LG will take over the position as a provider of a smartphone screen to the apple's bearing fruit.

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