Fold Screen Smartphone Samsung Galaxy X Just be Released in South Korea

After the success spawned a number of flagship smartphone, Samsung has created a smartphone rumored folding screen with the concept, namely the Samsung Galaxy X . Yes, on the sidelines of the launch of the Galaxy Note 8 , Samsung promised to bring a folding screen smartphone in 2018.

Glimpse of the unique and innovative smartphones that have sprung up in a number of media. With the model number SM-G888N0, Samsung Galaxy X is said to have passed the test and obtain certification from the Bluetooth SIG and the National Radio Agency. In addition, Galaxy X is also expected to come up with a qualified specification and design concepts folding screen is comfortable to use.

According to reports we received, Samsung Galaxy X is rumored to be released in limited quantities, is suspected there were only 10,000 units. See the approximate number of units supplied, huge potential of this smartphone is not released globally, but the area devoted to South Korea only.


This prediction makes sense. Because in 2014, precisely when the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge officially released, vendors led by Kwon Oh-hyun chose to release the curved screen smartphone in only two countries, namely South Korea and India. In line with this, most likely Samsung will do the same. Therefore, the folding screen Galaxy X is considered as a product trial test alias.

So when this smartphone will be launched? Until now, Samsung has not given word on a release date for the folding screen smartphone. But according to Forbes, Samsung will launch Galaxy X on the carpet in CES (Consumer Electronics Show) which took place on 9 to 12 January 2018.

Nevertheless, it is possible if Galaxy X will be launched together with Note 9 to the IFA event held on 31 August to 5 September 2018.

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Although the news and information on the smartphone is still unclear, but certainly the Samsung Galaxy X will be unique in the world of smartphones and the starting point as well as the technological development of a smartphone revolution. So, will the Samsung released Galaxy X in 2018? We will wait for futher news.

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