Hands-on HTC U11

There are some nice successful flagship smartphone is used by many people. There are also some other cool flagship disadvantaged for quiet enthusiasts. For example, is a smartphone that will be discussed at this time.

Diverse sales package

u11 droidlime 01

LG and HTC is a man makes a unique flagship smartphone. But apesnya, flagship smartphone which they have always just overshadowed. Including HTC U11. Though felt it was not nothing less from this smartphone.


Starting from its packaging. HTC U11 square neatly wrapped in plain white packaging. Here's what makes different from others, these boxes are constructed of a hardened paper or cardboard. Frankly, we rarely encounter such a smartphone box.

Immediately, we go to and this content. There SIM ejector, quick guide, USB earphone C, 3.5 mm audio jack converter, earbud backup, data cable, charger, mica transparent casing, and a cleaning cloth.

The presence of this fabric must be unique. HTC deliberately include them let us not bother if you want bersihin screen and rear body U11 which admittedly easy for me dirty. We can see, the body HTC U11 are potentially steal the show.

Like a mirror and chameleon

u11 droidlime 02

Actually quite normal shape. But HTC provides a mirror finish so that we could be looking at yourself in this smartphone. Plus a selection of colors is also very ngejreng, like silver, blue, or red. When viewed from different angles, its color like a chameleon, as mutable.

If you are among those who like bezel-less smartphone, HTC U11 certainly will not enter wishlist. Because the top and bottom of the screen bezel conventional, aka tebel. Forehead section is used to place the speakers and the chin to nempatin Home button plus fingerprint.

One more thing that must be a concern is the absence of audio jacks. But perhaps this is not going to be a big problem for HTC is already nyertain USB earphone adapter C at the same time his. The absence of an audio jack is also quite relieved by the presence of IP67 certificate plus Sense or Squeeze Edge feature on its body.

Unique features Squeeze

u11 droidlime 03

So we can run it a shortcut or open applications simply by squeezing the body of the smartphone like this. The level of sensitivity can also be changed or adjusted.

In addition to the features of a squeeze, there are three other advantages that we can nikmatin of HTC U11. First, because I'm sure its hardware specs are kenceng. Namely Snapdragon 835, 4 or 6 GB of RAM and 64 or 128 GB of storage.

Secondly, the screen and audio that well for gaming or multimedia. U11 5.5 inch screen dimensions, Quad HD resolution, and the panel is covered with Gorilla Glass Super LCD5 5. While its stereo speakers with BoomSound technology.

Now the third, which is a superior camera. Before there Note 8 iPhone 8 Plus, and Pixel 2, the camera is the best U11 DxOMark version with a score of 90 points. The main camera there is only one, which is 12 MP f / 1.7 plus OIS and PDAF. While in front of a camera 16 megapixel f / 2.0 for selfie.

For you who want to wear flagship smartphone but do not want the market, U11 this could be the best candidate. The important thing siapin wrote funds, currently sold approximately Rp 9 million in local e-commerce

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