MediaTek Launches Helio P40, Ready to Fight At The Year Ahead

As we all know, is one of the MediaTek chipset manufacturers who market a series of homemade products at affordable prices. We too often hear, some homemade chipset always stick to the smartphone market in the middle class.

Unfortunately, the concoction MediaTek chipset that is predicted into the ranks of upper class is still rarely used by manufacturers are capable of producing flagship smartphones, such as Samsung, LG and other manufacturers.

The latest news, MediaTek has recently launched its latest chipsets, MediaTek Helio P40. This chipset is deliberately presented to compete in next year. Estimated price is relatively cheap, which is priced around US $ 11 to US $ 12.


MediaTek Helio 40 Table

Not a few analysts suspect, MediaTek Helio P40 chipset has a similar ability to blend Qualcomm Snapdragon 660. A bit of information for you, Snapdragon 660 itself is marketed by Qualcomm for $ 15.

As a result of Helio P40 marketed price is cheaper, it is also expected to make market share jumped MediaTek join. Noted, MediaTek's market share is estimated there are diangka 15% and will rise to 25% in the next year.

Then, it is there that will use the smartphone manufacturers Helio P40? Related to this, MediaTek had already boasted that these chipsets will be adopted by OPPO , Meizu and Xiaomi . Helio P40 itself will be built with 12 nm process technology through manufacturing TSMC.

Meanwhile, another leak mentions that Qualcomm will launch a middle-class chipset, the Snapdragon 670 . Interestingly, this chipset will be built using 10 nm process technology.

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Looking at it, of course competition in the chipset industry for mobile devices more and more interesting to be discussed. 2017 itself still leaves 2.5 months and certainly in the year 2018 some of the players in this industry are also not to be outdone nimble with MediaTek and Qualcomm.

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