Wholesale Samsung Chipset Snapdragon 845 For Galaxy S9

As we know the creator of a chipset that Qualcomm has established a working relationship or partnership with a number of the world's smartphone manufacturers, including Samsung. Yes, Although it has been able to create its own chipset, up to now the South Korean manufacturers still rely on Qualcomm chipset special performance for the Americas and China.

In line with this, Samsung reportedly will buy the latest chipset made by Qualcomm, Snapdragon 845. The new chipset will reportedly be the brains of the Samsung Galaxy S9 which is predicted to be released early in 2018.

Samsung scooped-out habits concoction Qualcomm chipset is not a new story. Last year, Samsung also purchased 835 finished Chipset for Samsung Galaxy S8 , to the extent that the LG G6 should not get stock languish for Snapdragon chipset 835, so inevitably LG G6 should use the Snapdragon 821 chipset output in 2016. It should be recognized Samsung is one step more advanced than any other vendor.


Samsung Galaxy S9 itself is rumored to be released earlier than usual, predictions mention that the Galaxy S9 will be released in February 2018. Some sources also mention the Galaxy S9 will be the first smartphone chipset 845 users.

But this news could lead to the pros and cons, because many are speculating Xiaomi Mi 7 was the one who first enjoyed the processor made by Qualcomm's latest. However, the latest news states that Xiaomi and Qualcomm are working together to make the Snapdragon chipset 845 v2 are likely to be released after the Snapdragon 845. Although this news is uncertain, but if you see the track record of these vendors, Samsung has always led and precedes Xiaomi.

Talking about the capabilities and performance offered, 845 Snapdragon chipset believed to have performance that is truly malignant. Many also expect this processor comes with a change in the shape and performance improvement is obvious.

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Based on rumors, reportedly Snapdragon 845 will have the shape of 10nm Low Power Early (LPE) FinFET and a variety of advanced components such as the Cortex A75, Adreno 630 and X20 LTE modem. So will the Samsung buy Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 runs for the Galaxy S9? Or even the first release Xiaomi smartphone with the latest generation chipset? Stay tuned for further news and updates.

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