Fingerprint Screen Down Ready Made Synaptics Exist in Smartphone Vivo


Some time ago news came that Synaptics has recently released the latest fingerprint scanner sensor, Clear ID FS9500. Mentioned, fingerprint scanner sensor in the form of optical technologies that will be pinned beneath the screen smartphones.

Clear ID associated with the presence of FS9500, Sypnatics also boasted that his latest fingerprint scanner that has been in demand by at least five well-known smartphone manufacturers. Therefore, Synaptics was ready to produce it in bulk.

Of the five smartphone manufacturers mentioned by Synaptics, Vivo is one that is interested in adopting the technology. Even in the near future, Clear ID FS9500 finished manufactured by Synaptics will soon be sent to Vivo.

Mentioned, Synaptics is also ready to produce about 70 million units Clear ID FS9500. From these figures, it is clear if the latest biometric technology made by Synaptics is actually very attractive to smartphone manufacturers.

So, how will the Clear ID FS9500 is working on a device Vivo? As written by Forbes, Vivo has shown pre-production smartphones are developed with the support of the Clear ID FS9500.

Later, the user can press the button on the right side of the device to display a fingerprint scanner that is under the screen in the form of light. Next, simply touch the rays, and key smartphone will be open.

Synaptics also promises that its latest fingerprint scanner technology is infinite can only be pinned on the OLED screen. Another advantage, the fingerprint scanner sensor has also been protected with the ability of anti-scratch and waterproof.

Other support also pinned by Synaptics to the Clear ID FS9500 is the fingerprint template matching more adaptive, anti-spoofing technology, ECC authentication and AES encryption. Clearly, this so Clear ID FS9500 added value in the eyes of the smartphone manufacturer.

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