Flexible Screen Smartphone Samsung Galaxy X Confirmed Gliding 2018


Smartphone with the latest display technology, Samsung Galaxy X became one of the long-awaited smartphone next year. Because this smartphone design brings flexible display that can be folded and bent.

Long before the Galaxy X, Samsung Galaxy Round become the first company to launch a curved screen smartphone. Even so smartphone was introduced in 2013 and is only sold in a few countries.

President of Samsung, Ko Dong-jin, said that they would soon release the Galaxy X in the year 2018. As a manufacturer of screen maker Samsung Display has developed a panel that can be folded with a curvature to scale 1.0R. Tinggat curvature allows the screen folded like paper.

Another reason that makes Samsung wants to immediately launch the Galaxy X in the near future is to make it into the first release folding screen smartphone, leaving two rival Apple and LG.

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aAs you know, today there are several manufacturers who think of a similar screen design, one of which is Apple and LG. Apple itself has patented folding screen iPhone in the United States and LG through one of its subsidiary LG Display became a supplier's requirements for the device's screen.

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