Fold Samsung Smartphone Patent Revealed, Will Focus on Game


Samsung is one of the smartphone manufacturers are keen spawned a variety of exciting innovations. More recently, South Korean electronics giant is also rumored to be working on a smartphone with support alias foldable folding screen.

In fact, Samsung is reportedly also has filed a new patent on folding smartphone with two screens. Not only that, the smartphone is also expected will focus on games, especially on the second screen support.

Samsung Double Fold Screen ok

Later on the second screen, this smartphone users can control the game on the game he played. Of course, this is reminiscent of the Nintendo 3DS device, where the game is displayed on the main screen and control the game on the second screen.

So, how about the comfort of being served? Of course, Samsung is not going to ignore it. Obviously, the comfort in playing the game using the smartphone's two folding screens are also promised by Samsung.

Samsung Dual Screen All

For example, if the user plays the game Iron Man, the control on the second screen will be on the left and right. Users also can shift the control from top to bottom, or vice versa.

Meanwhile, when playing a fighting game aircraft, the second screen will display the controls movement in all directions that are positioned on the left side. As for shooting, users can use the existing controls on the right.

This patent also discloses the possible use of the stylus on this folding screen smartphone. Of course, the presence of features of this stylus will be preferred by those who have a hobby of drawing and the added value of this device.

Rumor, Samsung gave the name of the smartphone's two folding screens as Galaxy X. Although the patent has spread in cyberspace, but there is no official statement, when Samsung will introduce and produce these innovative devices.

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