Manufacturer Screen China OLED Panel Makes Successful ala iPhone X


Not just to be a leader in the global smartphone industry, Samsung is also listed as the largest manufacturer of OLED display panels for smartphones. Besides used for a smartphone of its own, Samsung OLED panels are also used on the flagship iPhone X.

Because of the sophistication and quality, the Samsung-made panel also often used as an example and the technology adopted by other manufacturers, namely JDI and BOE. Both had come from China.

BOE are two

For the BOE itself, the actual name is still very foreign to the ear. But in fact this one display panel manufacturers secretly already succeeded in designing a prototype OLED panel makes.

In fact, the BOE also reportedly is negotiating to become a supplier of display panels next generation of Apple's iPhone. As for the display panel, which recently exhibited BOE manifold fullscreen with a ratio of 18: 9.

This panel looks very similar to the iPhone screen X with the characteristic form of bangs at the top center of the screen. Its dimensions reached 6.18 inches with a super high resolution 2,992 x 1,440 pixels. While its brightness to 390 nits.

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The presence of OLED panels made by the BOE is certainly going to further enliven the smartphone industry next year. Even if the panel is not used homemade Apple's iPhone, of course there are many other Android smartphone manufacturers ready to contain it. In other words, the trend fullscreen screen ala X iPhone will be widely adopted by the Android smartphone later.

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