Market Huawei, OPPO, and Vivo Stunted in Q4 2017?


Three rulers smartphone manufacturer from China, namely Huawei, OPPO, Vivo and likely will experience some decline in sales in the fourth quarter of this year as much as ten percent. This information comes from a reliable source that is closely related to supply about a third of these manufacturers.

This problem is expected to continue through the first quarter of next year. Because, despite the global smartphone market competition is so hot, but the desire of consumers to buy a third device the smartphone manufacturers are not so high.

And if you look at the efforts made by all three, they are not silent. Evidently, Huawei managed to get rid of Apple and is now rated second global smartphone market. Even recently, Huawei also announced that they will market Mate 10 Pro in the US market.

OPPO previously more to market the device through the offline market, now return the focus to the online market. For this reason, OPPO directly engaged by cooperating with well-known e-commerce, such as Amazon and Flipkart. Vivo also feel the same way, turnover of some smartphones that dikembangnnya not run as expected.

However, different things were felt by Xiaomi. Smartphone manufacturers commanded by Lei Jun's is actually experiencing growth. In fact, the recently Xiaomi willing to take steps to expand into the US market to market some of its flagship models via telecom operators there.

Then, when Xiaomi will perform the expansion? No need to wait a long time, they are expected to immediately move into Uncle Sam's market at the beginning of next year. Obviously, this is a bold step undertaken by Xiaomi to compete with some of the brands that already exist, such as Samsung and Apple.

Xiaomi's success factors also could not be separated from their brains to balance the distribution of the devices are marketed online and offline. Moreover, supported by an attractive hardware specifications and marketed at an affordable price, this is also a value more than Xiaomi smartphone.

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