Review Huawei Nova 2i: Abundant Camera

Towards the end of the epidemic in 2017, Huawei give surprise to us being a pocket gadget hunters. In the form of mid-end smartphone worth Rp 4 million that offers a unique form of four cameras front and back.


nova2i droidlime 01
After waiting, finally there are also middle-class smartphone Huawei contemporary with screen 18: 9. Yes, Nova 2i has an extra screen 6 inches elongated relief, so it's still okay for use with one hand. The overall dimensions of the body more or less the same like smartphones 6 inch 18: 9 to another, for example Vivo V7.
Design of the back made of metal decorated fingerprint sensor and antenna horizontal lines that already plasticity familiar. There's also a dual-camera main arranged vertically. Well let me cross-eyed tetep plasticity, we must often wipe the sweat from the back and ceplakan fingerprints.
Speaking of fingerprints, in Nova 2i, we can use the sensor for ngelakuin many things. In addition to unlock the smartphone, can also make pictures of, pick up the phone, to open the notification window.
nova2i droidlime 02
If the body behind Nova 2i tend mediocre, another case with the front that looks more luxurious. It unleashed a luxurious impression is none other than arch-2,5D and also bezel screen bezel is minimalist.
The left and right bezel super thin, while the top and bottom bezel is a little thicker. Bezel is used to load the Huawei logo, the menu button is on the screen. While the upper bezel contains entourage of two cameras, earpiece, LED flash, and LED notifications.
As usual, you are buying Nova 2i do not have to bother looking for scratch because it is installed from the manufacturer. And as a complement, Huawei also still provide audio jack underneath adjoining the old school microUSB port.


nova2i droidlime 03
EMUI used smartphone UI Huawei is one of our favorites. The UI feels quite flexible because it has homescreen can use the app drawer or not. Huawei is also quite diligent in updating the theme, so the options are varied.
Sadar has a screen ratio of 18: 9, Huawei provides the option to force the game and appear fullscreen applications, although so cutting. If there is a game that is not support ratio of 18: 9 and not forced fullscreen road, at the bottom there will be a large enough black bar rather make uncomfortable.
Well in this EMUI also there are some distinctive features that we usually find in the Chinese smartphone UI. Starting from the option to swap the positions of the navigation buttons, cloning features for social media applications, as well as a floating dock that serves as a shortcut.
But shortcuts are provided not only floating dock. We can also use gesture knuckle features to run it the app, save screenshots, and aktifin split-screen mode. Although it takes adaptability in the beginning, but this feature is quite useful and accuracy is also okay.


nova2i droidlime 04
Huawei Nova 2i has specifications equivalent to the Xiaomi Mi A1, Moto G5s, Asus Zenfone 4 Selfie Pro, OPPO F5, or Samsung Galaxy J7 +. Seen from AnTuTu Benchmark scores are approximately the same level, ranging diangka 60 thousands.
Not Qualcomm or MediaTek, Nova 2i Kirin 659 chipset supported by Huawei itself with eight cores and a core clockspeed of 2.36 GHz. This chipset is worth your opponent Snapdragon 625 and Helio P23.
Other Spek also assured, ie 4 GB RAM and 64 GB of storage that can be made microSD expand. When we use for everyday multitasking, performance offered very adequate. Likewise with its gaming capabilities are okay for middle-class games.
In addition to the spec that is qualified, the screen is also so things stand out from Nova 2i. In addition to jumbo size with minimal bezel, the resolution also has Full HD +. These screens use the IPS panel color saturation ngejreng passable.
nova2i droidlime 05
But during life, we feel the outskirts of the screen is too sensitive sometimes be quite disturbing. For example, when playing CR, fingers or even hands we would often accidentally hit the screen at random. If you really feel uncomfortable, you can get around by way of casing wear. Yes, quite able to reduce.
Then for the battery, its capacity is actually slightly above the standard, which is 3,340 mAh. But for the same durability as 3000 mAh capacity. Only use one SIM card, CR play one hour, and not too often browsing or streaming YouTube, we just can Sot 4.5 hours.
In addition, because of the higher capacity, the process of charging batteries also become longer. From the condition is completely depleted, at least we took three hours to fully charge.


nova2i droidlime 06
Has four cameras, Nova 2i is a very middle-class smartphone could steal easily. Two cameras behind each resolution 16 MP as the primary camera and a secondary camera of 2 MP. Point for making the bokeh effect.
So also with the front camera which there are two. The resolution is 13 MP and 2 MP, also can shoot a selfie bokeh plus has LED flash. Some results of front and rear camera images are already included in our video review below.
Photographed with a camera behind Nova 2i including fun because there are plenty of modes are provided. Our favorite is a night shot or light painting. We can play around with light, khsusunya at night. The result was very okay, providing we have to use a tripod.
nova2i droidlime 08
If you are fond of experimenting, there is a pro mode with ISO settings from 50 to 3200 and a shutter speed of 1/4000 to 8 seconds. Nova 2i The rear camera has a slightly oversaturated color characters when meeting in bright colors with bright light conditions. And for its shutter lag is somewhat less so nimble.
Regardless of modes that already we have mentioned, there are two modes that are so major, that is portrait and wide aperture. Its function is more or less equally for making the bokeh effect.
nova2i droidlime 07
The difference, if we can set the aperture wide aperture before and after the shoot. So is the focal point. So it is more flexible. While the portrait mode is optimal for bokeh with objects photographed faces because there is little seasoning beautify it. But the point of his focus and aperture can not be changed. Both of these features can also be used mainstay air-selfie moment.
Talk result was quite fun where we can dapetin pictures with more artistic. During the meeting did not object to the color of the complex and abundant light. But if the object of his complex or even less light, the result is certainly unsatisfactory, between sloppy or much noise.


Although not superior, Huawei Nova 2i are still eligible to enter a shopping list, especially dirange price of Rp 4 million. Can shoot back and the front bokeh contemporary relieved screen are two of the most interesting things that are offered from this smartphone.
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