Review LG V30: Beauty Forgotten

Instead G6, V30 is a true flagship smartphone LG 2017 this year. The design is gorgeous, toned speknya, promising camera. The question is, whether the V30 can look attractive or actually even so flagship forgotten?


v30 droidlime 01
V30 has a more beautiful design and flexible than the G6. This smartphone is a layered body of glass at the front and rear. 100 percent luxury plasticity.
The layout of the buttons and the camera more or less similar G6. Everything is cute. Dual-camera module is not too great with the slightly protruding ring. So also with the power button at the same time his fingerprint, is small.
At the back we can see the logo Bang Olufsen whose position is in the middle, more easily seen than the LG logo at the bottom. Bang Olufsen logo indicate that LG also includes specials from Bang Olufsen earphones for free.
These earphones can be directly mounted on the top of the smartphone. Yes, so even though the V30 has a certificate IP68 water and dust resistant, but still has a 3.5mm audio jack. Unfortunately for her mono loudspeaker, just at the bottom.
V30 himself had a screen 18: 9 measuring 6 inches. IPS panel is not anymore, but it's been made by LG OLED. Because of its bezel super minimal, of course-as-you feel so comfortable. The point is not too big for a 6-inch screen smartphone. Even when compared Pixel 2 XL both have a 6-inch screen, V30 is more compact dimensions.


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The user interface is made by LG, the LG UX, is a simple UI with adequate functions. We can choose Homescreen with or without the App Drawer. If hobby nge-game, LG nyediain Special features Game Tools.
When playing the game, there will be an icon Game Tools, which can function to grab a screenshot, change the display screen to be fullscreen, or even the resolution and frame rate. Not only to play the game, delish we can also set the screen ratio for all applications that are installed.
In this V30, LG still provide the features Tap to Wake. This feature will be particularly useful where we tidakk to bother press the power button on the back if lazy to use fingerprint unlock.
v30 droidlime 10
Instead we can unlock wear face with accuracy ordinary aja. Face recognition is still less belonged V30 class of Galaxy Note 8 moreover iPhone X. Because we absolutely can not wear dark.
Additional flexibility is offered LG for ease of use, among others, the menu button layout can be exchanged, the screen resolution can be changed, and the character of a color display that can be adjusted.
And continuing a tradition that was brought G6, V30 screen also has the Always-on Display, it can display a clock, notifications, until the battery capacity. Oh yes, one thing we liked from the V30 is the sensation of vibration that has haptic feedback. When photographed, open the App Drawer, or fitting press the menu button, vibration sensation varies.


V30 delivering LG joined the elite zone flagship Android because this smartphone is already wearing the Snapdragon 835. But the other specs are taken quite standard, the 4 GB RAM and 64 GB of storage. Although its RAM capacity is 4 GB, but as long as we wear, good for multitasking or playing heavy games, altogether there is never a constraint.
That it somewhat less jos is the screen. Just like Pixel 2 XL, OLED screen LG V30 on paper is very promising. The resolution QHD +, make zoom super sharp. But in fact this OLED screen has a weakness, that the rainbow effect or bluish when viewed from certain angles.
Beyond cases of blue shift or bluish, V30 screen is already present with the support HDR10. More visible optimal brightness while watching YouTube or Netflix that already support HDR.
While the audio side of something like the Galaxy Note 8 S8 or who only has a mono speaker. Here LG prioritize optimization via earphones Bang Olufsen audio plus Quad DAC. No lie, the quality is going manjain audiophile enthusiasts. Details really!
Well, talk about hardware, we are less sure 3,300mAh battery LG V30 has the durability that is okay. And in fact the only passable durability. Wear one SIM card without having to play the game but diligent open medsos, browsing and streaming, sot that we can be about five hours. If you want to charge, no support Quick Charge 3.0 can be full of empty contents in less than two hours.


If we compete with the G6, only the main camera V30 only increased from 13 to 16 MP with an aperture of f / 1.6. Moreover, the resolution secondary camera and front camera V30 is still the same as G6. So is the mode-mode.
We can be photographed with a fullscreen view. Motret unison can also use the front and rear camera. There is also a manual mode whose setting is super full, can even be used when the video record.
Overall, a satisfactory quality of the camera. The main camera whiz during low light and close-ups. While the wide camera also fun for reunions or any pictures of the building and clouds. Although there were still no distortion, for we still cool, as photographed wearing GoPro.
v30 droidlime 06
But again, if we compare G6, most noticeably increase only feature Cine Video for cinematic 30 fps video recording. This feature brings 15 live filter tracking plus the ability to zoom on a specific focal point. Yes, this is the feature that we think is the coolest of the camera V30 uncontested. You can see the details in the video review below.
Switch to the front camera, with a heavy heart we say this is the worst selfie camera in the smartphone flagship. Resolusinnya a 5 MP which consequently face images so far from the name of detail. Moreover, when the selfie with minimal light.


LG V30 is a gorgeous smartphone, speeding, and had a cinematic video recording capabilities are good. But what was offered was not yet enough to fight another flagship such as Note 8, iPhone X, or Pixel 2. Moreover LG prices are set high enough.
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