Strategy Analytics: Samsung The crushed the Chinese Smartphone Market Next Year


Samsung, the smartphone manufacturer's country of origin ginseng has recorded a fairly good market share this year. In addition to releasing the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus, Samsung also successfully marketed the Galaxy Note 8 in many countries, including in Indonesia.

In fact, as we know together, in 2016 and Samsung could have a bad record. Yes! They fail to market the Galaxy Note 7 because of problems associated with the support of the embedded battery.

Nevertheless, remain confident Samsung Galaxy Note 8 to market this year and finally, few consumers who like the premium smartphone. It also brings the Samsung is so powerful in the global smartphone market in this year.


So, how to lunge Samsung in the next year? Strategy Analytics estimated Samsung's market in 2018 will decrease. It is estimated, Samsung only has a global market share at 19.2 percent, equivalent to 315 million units.

In fact, Samsung is now accounted for a market share in the global smartphone market by 20.5 percent. Why Samsung could drop? The answer is the influence of the Chinese smartphone manufacturer predicted in the coming years will be so strong.

Not only Huawei, Samsung's smartphone market will also be plagued by Xiaomi and OPPO. Party Strategy Analytics confirms that smartphone manufacturers from China that often have a much smaller production cost compared to devices made by Samsung.

Not only are made with minimal production costs, they also dare to deliver a high-end devices at affordable prices. Of course, few consumers are finally switched to shop Huawei smartphones, Xiaomi or OPPO.

Not only competing in the premium smartphone lineup, the competition has also been extended to mid-tier segment and budget. The more smart consumers to choose the desired device, to some extent also affect.

Strategy Analytics If the prediction is correct, this is the first Samsung smartphone market share has decreased since 2016 when the Galaxy Note 7 problematic. Even so, Samsung remained in the throne followed by Apple (14.3%), Huawei (10%), and OPPO (7.8%).

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