Turns iOS Upgrade Can Make iPhone Lemot, This is the reason!


One of the classic stories continue to complain about the iPhone smartphone users in particular is the slow after upgrading the operating system. Do you penah experienced anything like this? And is it true upgrade the software can make the smartphone is slow?

Excerpted from The Verge, a Reddit forum users recently discovered fact that the iPhone which he used during the last few years become slow after upgrading the OS. And the same thing is also experienced by many other users. So the suspicion arises, whether upgrading legacy OS on the iPhone can indeed make slow?

Geekbench benchmark application developer, John Poole, already examined the performance of the iPhone 6s and iPhone 7 for some time. And he concluded that the cause of the kelemotan is a battery that legacy with excellent conditions. When at that time he had to upgrade to iOS 10.2.1, he found that the iPhone 6s tested showed a "throttling" or penyendatan performance.

iphone cpu dasher

Having sought to know more, he has noticed a decrease in the speed of the processor, of which 1.4 GHz should be less than half, only 600 MHz only. Obviously this is an impact on the decrease in performance that is very pronounced. In fact it was deliberately done by Apple. But do not trigger prejudice.

Apple released the latest iOS with the ability to detect the age and health of the battery device. When the software detects a smartphone battery is no longer prime and needs to be replaced, then the system will automatically reduce the speed of the processor. This is done to balance performance between the processor, battery and other electrical components.

However, most users think of their smartphone becomes slow after upgrading the OS, so that they argue have to buy a new smartphone. When it should not. Users only need to replace the battery smartphones only, of course with the original battery. Afterwards, the performance of the iPhone will be back as usual.

Apple itself has confirmed that an OS upgrade to the latest version, especially the version 10.2.1 or 11.2.0 may cause a decrease in performance for the iPhone 6, 6s, SE, and 7 with legacy battery. This is done in order to maintain the stability and health of other components. If the processor clockspeed is not adjusted, it could lead to an unstable system, such as restart, hang, or even death.


Thus, the facts just now, now we know that to upgrade the OS to old-generation iPhone could indeed cause kelemotan. But this is not because the OS is heavy, but due to the battery should be replaced. So at least you do not need to spend in-in to change the iPhone. Simply replace the batteries alone.

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