5 Reasons Not Buy Smartphones in Early Its release

1. Problems in Hardware (Hardware) Smartphone

Inevitably, the cause of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 to explode a hardware issue that is at the battery. There is another latest case of Google Pixel 2 XL . According to the reviewer abroad, this smartphone has a few problems on the screen. They say a lack of sensitivity, burn-in on the screen and display images that are less good.

Although related manufacturers have promised to fix the problem. But it would be much better if we have a device that is perfect without repairs first, right?

2. Problems in Software (Software) Smartphone

Do not just hardware that could be problematic , the software can be an issue for consumers. Let us discuss Bixby in Galaxy S8 , Bixby is a virtual assistant belongs to Samsung's highly anticipated by consumers around the world. But what is it happening?

At the beginning of the launch Bixby is only available in Korea and require a lot of time until many months for the international version . Although in the end user can enjoy the Galaxy S8 Bixby, consumers have already disappointed to Samsung. Worse, when Bixby is already available for the international version of the Galaxy S8 prices have come down from the original price.

3. Price Down Drastically Month Next

Down prices is one of the risks you need to take when buying a smartphone in early. Even some types of smartphone prices decline significantly, ranging from hundreds of thousands to millions of rupiah .

So, think carefully if you want to buy a new smartphone yes. Lest you regret it in the next month because the price has gone down drastically.

4. Start Month Is a Process Test Device

As we know, every smartphone certainly has been tested and researched as such by the manufacturer before they sell it. However, we do not know the circumstances that will occur after the smartphones used in daily life. And the shortage usually be seen in the first month post-launch of the smartphone itself.

Perhaps there is an opinion, "right has been tested by the reviewer smartphone?" , Need you know, the lack of new smartphone you usually can not be seen in the first, second, even one week thereafter. Look after the use of one month , if the smartphone is still looking good, then the sign of the mobile phone has a good quality and vice versa.

5. Do not be tempted Trends Smartphone

Most of us are indeed very easy to be tempted by the trend, especially if there is a smartphone with the latest technology . The desire to have a new smartphone becomes very large. If you are undecided you want to buy or not, you try to look at the history of the mobile phone brands, especially the history of the price .

There are several manufacturers of smartphones that tend to lower the price of the cell phone a few weeks after its release. But there is lower the price a few months ahead. There are even some cases, smartphone manufacturers work closely with mobile operators offering a particular bonus.

That's five good reasons why you do not have to buy a new smartphone in the early days of its release. What do you think? Share your opinion in the comments below ya!
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