6 Innovations version of Bill Gates Will Change the World

1. The Depositary Vaccine Better

The vaccine is a testament to human strength in fighting the disease in the world. However, the vaccine itself is very fragile and easily damaged if not stored properly. There are good, the vaccine is stored in a cool place.

Researchers from the Global Good in Seattle has just created a refrigerator named MetaFridge to maintain the temperature even though the lights off long enough.

This refrigerator can be trusted to keep the vaccine remains safe and can last longer. Not to mention that they are now working to create a smaller version of the refrigerator are so easily taken to a remote area.

2. The edit Peng-Gen

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Peng-editing tool this gene now, CRISPR acknowledged Gates is still in the early stages of development. According to him, this tool has created a lot of breakthrough in the world of biomedicine and will also cure many diseases .

Microsoft founder also mentions if the tool is expected to eliminate malaria from this world. Bill Gates put huge expectations on this one CRISPR tool.

3. Utilization of Solar Energy

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Quoted by the Times, after visiting the laboratory at the California Institute of Technology, Bill Gates even sure if the use of solar energy as an alternative to occur.

What more humans are required to begin to realize the threat of climate change on earth. One way is to reduce dependence on fossil fuels that are embedded in the earth.

4. The mRNA vaccine

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Now this is the price of the vaccine is very expensive, because it is made from weakened virus or inactive. Bill Gates said that if now the scientists are busy changing the main ingredient of the vaccine with genetic material .

Mentioned if the vaccine with this new material will make the price of the vaccine so much cheaper. In addition, Gates hopes this approach can teach the body to create natural defenses and prevent disease .

5. Dispensing Technology

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It turns out there is an innovation which humans can be implanted a device in which the tool will release the medication slowly. Gates said if the innovations made in Intarcia can be applied to many diseases.

One of the most interesting is HIV prophylatic . With an implant, it can protect people from the risk of HIV virus attacks over the past year.

6. Artificial Intelligence

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Of all the innovations mentioned above, Bill Gates most interested in artificial intelligence or artificial intelligence (AI) . According to him, this Inovisi is the most changed the world in the future.

He also said that if the AI ​​can pose new challenges for human tanganan. But on the one hand also can make people more productive, efficient, and easier.
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