Continue to Loss, LG Stop Smartphone Release Every Year

LG is also experiencing a crisis in its smartphone business. Though LG regularly release a cool flagship smartphone every year. It still has not been able to help LG smartphone business by bringing in profits.
Aware of the crisis that is going through, now the boss of LG Cho Seong-jin will soon overhaul his strategy. Starting this year do not expect LG will release an annual flagship smartphone like other manufacturers.
LG will cut the number of smartphone variants they created this year. In addition, LG also will release a new flagship smartphone when it is considered necessary. If not necessary, LG will not follow-up released a new smartphone just to match other manufacturers.
Previously in 2016 and LG managed to create a trend modular smartphone through the flagship LG G5. But in fact the modular trend is not well received. Then in 2017 yesterday, LG released the G6 as the first flagship with 18: 9 screen trends. Again LG G6 failed to shine.

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Well this year, widely rumored LG prefer to release the latest version of the V30 that has been equipped AI rather than release a new flagship G7. The presence of the new version of V30 is likely to occur in the MWC 2018. While the G7 may still be released this year, but will only be present around April.
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