DJI Mavic Air Released, Drone Smallest Fold the Powerful

DJI is one of the drones are keen latest product release. Beginning in 2018, the DJI re-introduce the newest drone, Mavic Air. Has the same body size as a smartphone when folded, the drone is capable of flying at high performance.
Not only that, DJI also brags that this new drone can produce higher quality photos. It is thanks to the support of the camera of 12 MP 1 / 2.3 inch CMOS sensor with a 24 mm or the equivalent aperture of f / 2.8.
Support the mounted camera is also capable of video recording at 4K resolution at 30 fps up to 100 Mbps. There is also the option of slow motion 120 fps with a resolution of Full HD aka 1.080p. The camera itself mounted on a 3-axis mechanical gimbals are able to cushion the shock.
Another interesting thing, the mounted camera also provides a panorama mode Sphero. Through this mode, allowing users to capture subjects in the form of a panorama of up to 32 MP resolution resulting from a series of 25 images in one minute.
Not only can produce in the form of a vertical, panoramic images created can also be horizontal or 180 degrees. DJI Mavic Air provides six flight mode, two modes which were new.
Two of the latest flight mode, first let drones fly on a predetermined path around the subject, while the other mode is to capture footage creatively by itself.
So, what about performance when flying? DJI also has improved the performance of Mavic Air's flight. Not only easy to fly, DJI also promises about the safety of these drones while in the air.
djimavicair02The drone itself has been equipped with seven cameras and support on-board infrared sensors to create 3D mapping around the area of ​​aviation. Goal is to be floated with a more precise and better flight performance.
Improved vision dual front and rear camera also helps the system to sense the current barriers to fly as far as 20 meters. When in the air, Mavic Air is also able to respond to the motion man with good hands.
From a distance of six meters, users can also use hand gestures to fly, following, photographing, recording, push, pull and landed Mavic water more easily.
If you prefer to operate drones using the remote, Mavic Air is also equipped with a detachable control sticks. Their reach as far as four kilometers and capable of 720p video transmission in real-time.
For power supply, DJI Mavic Air is equipped with a battery that has a lifetime to fly for 21 minutes. Flight speed up to 68 km / h. When the air pressure reaches 36 km / h, this drone is able to fly up to an altitude of 5,000 meters above sea level.
Additional support is an internal storage capacity of 8 GB which is also equipped with a microSD slot and USB Type-C. There are three colors Mavic Air which will be marketed, namely Onyx Black, Arctic White, and Flame Red.
The plan, DJI drones will market this new start date of January 28, 2018 at a price of US $ 799. In the sales package, DJI give drones, battery, remote control, bag, two pairs of propeller guards, and four pairs of blades
There was also a Fly More Combo sales package are priced at US $ 999. In this package, the consumer has been assigned the additional two batteries, travel bags, six pairs of blades, battery adapter to power the banks, and a hub for battery recharging.
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