How to Install iPhone Keyboard All Android Smartphone

There are many ways you can do to change the look of Android so much like the iPhone.Previously, we've shared a tutorial to install Animoji ala iPhone X , launcher IOS 11 , to install the button Assistive Touch on all Android.
In addition to some of the above tutorial, here we also will share how to install an iPhone-style keyboard on all Android smartphones. With the help of an application called iMore this keyboard, you can feel the look and features similar to the keyboard on the iPhone device.

Install keyboard iPhone di Android

Before you start, download the first application iMore Keyboard and Phone 8 Emoji , and then install as usual on Android smartphones. If so, give permission (permission) is needed and use iMore keyboard as the default keyboard smartphone.
install keyboard iphone di android 1
To change the zoom, open the application and select a theme iMore Keyboard Phone 8 Emoji that you have downloaded earlier, then click Activate. Automatically keyboard ala the iPhone can be used.
install keyboard iphone di android 2
In addition to a similar look, through the shortcut emoji in it, you can add a variety of emoji cool, face text, GIF, until the sticker using this keyboard.
install keyboard iphone di android 3
That's how the iPhone-style keyboard installed on all Android smartphones without root. If there is trouble or things to say, you can write it in the comments field. Good luck!
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