How to Put a la iPhone Assistive Touch the All Android

Some users of Apple, whether it is an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch must have been familiar with a tiny button that can appear on the screen. Feature called Assistive Touch allows users to quickly access a variety of functions, such as back, home, rotate, screenshots, and more.
Features that are exclusive at Apple, it is also can be used for Android smartphones. With the help of an application called Assistive Touch for Android,  you can access and use these features in all Android smartphones without the need to root.

How to attach Assistive Touch on Android

To try it out, you must first download the application Assistive Touch for Android  is available for free and install as usual on your Android smartphone.
install assistive touch di android 1
If already installed, automatically Assistive Touch button has been directly useable. While pressing the button, you can quickly access a diverse menu, such as Settings and also eight favorite selection of frequently accessed applications.
install assistive touch di android 2
You can also change the icon, background color, duration of the animation, as well as the size of the button right from the application itself to make it look more attractive.
install assistive touch di android 3
That's the easy way to install ala iPhone Assistive Touch on all Android smartphones. Note that because these applications run constantly, perhaps the amount of RAM used will be more. Good luck!
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