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ASUS smartphone business is not as bright as two years ago when they released the first generation and ZenFone ZenFone 2. But instead, ASUS notebook business continued to improve and succeed so the market leader in Indonesia. Not just for the usual notebook category, but also gaming notebook.
The last three months we are ROG users G701VIK and was very satisfied with his ability. And this time we got a chance to try out other ASUS gaming notebook, the ROG Strix GL502VM which has one third of the ROG G701. With the price of Rp25 million, if the notebook is able to offer performance that is not lost gahar?

For the majority of gamers

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Strix ROG series is a gaming notebook for the majority of gamers. This series so most favorite because it offers price comparisons and the most reasonable performance. How not, the price of Rp25 million offered is practically equivalent to the fashion business like ZenBook notebook or MacBook, but its hardware is much more applause.
Besides the price is reasonable, the performance brought ROG Strix GL502VM also will satisfy the majority of gamers, not least in Indonesia. Are you among hardcore gamers, e-sports gamer or casual gamer, gaming needs you taste will be channeled.
ASUS mated Windows 10 i7-7700HQ Intel Core CPU and GPU GTX 1060 6 GB on ROG Strix GL502VM. The combination of both is one of the most favorite among gamers. To add gedornya, ASUS pinned RAM 8 GB which can be expanded up to 16 GB and 1 TB HDD combo storage and 256 GB SSD.

Compact remain trendy

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Rather than G7xx series, ROG series Strix mobility clearly offers much more tempting for traveling everyday. Yes, this gaming notebook has a 15.6-inch screen that was. While the thickness and the weight of each 2.3 cm and 2.2 kg.
Practically we can carry it off with more convenient. But keep in mind, weighs 2.2 kg does not include a medium-sized charger. And can we make sure that you will need a large-sized backpack to be comfortable carry everyday.
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Speaking of design, what is presented ASUS is fairly cool. But it is for the first new uses, especially ROG series Strix. Meanwhile, for those who have several times changed ROG, most likely will get bored seeing the design.
But somehow, we still assess Strix GL502VM ROG design looks trendy. The whole body wrapped in black with red accents in some areas. As at the front that looks as if lit up, there are a few keys on the keyboard, as well as the ROG logo on the palm rest area to the right.

Can beat Battlefield 1

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Battlefield 1 is still listed as one of our favorite war game. Fancy graphics and super fun gameplay is the reason. And fun, games made by EA is able to run very smoothly using Strix ROG GL502VM.
Our test configuration with Full HD resolution and high graphics. Frame rate that we can almost always be above 60 fps, which means perfect. Meanwhile, if the option is set ultra graphics, will decrease fps but did not interrupt the game. Alias ​​100 percent is still playable.
Other recent heavy games like The Evil Within 2 also feels as smoothly using Full HD resolution and high graphics. Moreover, lighter games like FIFA 18 feels very lightly. It could be concluded, spec brought ROG GL502VM Strix can deliver the latest weight you play games with high graphics and Full HD resolution.


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If you are familiar with the ROG, then you are already familiar with ROG Gaming Center. This application is very useful in game play. Starting from the condition or temperature monitoring hardware to enable profiling for jamming game.
In addition to ROG Gaming Center, ASUS also embed other interesting features like a screen that supports NVIDIA G-Sync for displaying visual sendatan free games. Plus there is also a cooling system using a Hyper Cool Duo successful copper heatpipes to dissipate the heat so it does not feel in the palm rest area.

Audio and standard battery

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Although claimed to have IcePower technology, the quality of the speakers at Strix GL502VM ROG did not wow. Even its volume is still less tinny than or ZenBook MacBook Pro. Quite confusing indeed, because predicated as a gaming notebook, speakers was even mediocre.
So every time you want to feel the sensation of maximum gaming, we always use the headset in order to feel better sound effects. Yes, as we know, the sound is a very important element in bringing enjoyment while playing the game.
One other thing is quite standard battery. This is not new because almost all types of gaming notebooks will be oversized in terms of battery because they have to do the computing and graphics heavy load.
During our use, the battery can run out within 1.5 hours to play heavy games or about 3 hours if used for non-stop multimedia such as browsing or streaming YouTube.


If you are looking for notebooks to satisfy her desire to play the game heavyweight but not too cumbersome to carry on the move, then the ROG Strix GL502VM is an attractive option. In addition to a more compact body, the specifications could run heavy games with high graphics options, and the price is still reasonable.
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