State's Got a Wi-Fi connection is World's Fastest

Well, this time JalanTikus will share the country with the fastest Wi-Fi connection in the world released by internet-based international telephone company, Ooma. Begins immediately wrote it!

1. Lithuania (15.4 Mbps)

Lithuania is a European country in the northeastern part which became one of the three countries are close to the Baltic Sea. The country is bordered by Latvia, Belarus and Poland. The country is the country with the Wi-Fi connection in the world's fastest .

2. Croatia (14.05 Mbps)

state-of-the wi-fi connection-fastest-world-in-12

Countries with unique shapes like a crescent region has a Wi-Fi connection in the world's second fastest. Countries Croatia itself is in Europe which borders with Serbia, Bosnia Herzegovina and Montenegro.

3. Estonia (13,75 Mbps)

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One European country that has a small land area is proved to have Wi-Fi speed was third fastest in the world. But with that fast internet speed, the number of countries Estonia is still far than the number of people in Jakarta .

4. Ireland (11.43 Mbps)

state-of-the wi-fi connection-fastest-world-in-10

The fourth position is the state with the most Wi-Fi speed speeding in the world by country of Ireland . The country itself is a country that is located adjacent to the United Kingdom and is directly adjacent to the state of Northern Ireland.

5. Romania (11.32 Mbps)

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Romania who became the fifth country with the speed of Wi-Fi in this world tercepatan touted the birthplace of Dracula country you know. The country is located in central Europe and is adjacent to the Black Sea or also called the Dead Sea.

6. Britain (10.97 Mbps)

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Countries that language became an international language occupies the sixth position as the country with the speed of Wi-Fi is the fastest in the world. State Britain itself is a country that has contributed to the significant cultural and legal in the world.

7. Denmark (10,52 Mbps)

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Countries with an area no bigger than the area of East Java has a Wi-Fi speeds seventh fastest in the world.From a survey conducted in 2006 to 2008, Denmark became the most enjoyable countries in the world.

8. Hungary (10.37 Mbps)

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Hungary is a landlocked country without a coast among several countries in Europe. However, this country has a Wi-Fi speeds up to 10.37 Mbps which makes menempatai position to the eight countries with the fastest Wi-Fi speed in the world.

9. Belgium (10.07 Mbps)

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Who does not know chocolate delights Belgium ? Countries that are in the western part of the continent of Europe is indeed famous for chocolate. In addition, the country is also mempuyai fastest Wi-Fi speed to nine of the other countries in the world.

10. Slovenia (9,72 Mbps)

state-of-the wi-fi connection-fastest-world-in-15

Maybe some of you are still strange to hear the name of the country Slovenia in Europe. But, it turns out this Slovenia country has the fastest Wi-Fi speed to ten of the other countries in the world know!

11.Bulgaria9,67 Mbps
12.Singapore9,49 Mbps
13.Finland8,69 Mbps
14.Swiss8,67 Mbps
15.Latvia8,46 Mbps
16.German7,96 Mbps
17.Sweden7,90 Mbps
18.Portugal7,43 Mbps
19.Canada7,16 Mbps
20.U.S.A6,89 Mbps

The final word

From these data, European countries dominate the country with the fastest Wi-Fi speed in the world. There is only Singapore from Asia and the US from the Americas who successfully entered the top 20 countries with the fastest Wi-Fi.
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