Instagram can launch a standalone app just for shopping

According to information from The Verge, novelty would be called IG Shopping and would allow followers of brands to buy items directly in the app
The Instagram works on a new standalone application dedicated to shopping, according to sources close to the project heard by The Verge. The tool has not yet been officialized by the company itself, but according to the report, the name IG Shopping should name the new Instagram investee.
Through it, users would browse through product collections of the pages and brands that they follow. And they would be able to complete their purchases there. The same sources told The Verge that Instagram is well positioned to make a major expansion in e-commerce. However, they have not guaranteed a likely date for the app to see the light of smartphones. 
In its most recent balance sheet, Instagram reported that it has 25 million company profiles, of which 2 million are advertisers. Four out of five users follow at least one deal. Given that range, launching an independent application would align with the vocation that Instagram seems to have pursued with the platform in the last year. 
Last year the platform began testing the feature that allows business profiles to mark products and report prices in their publications and then direct them to purchase on-site. The modality reached all Brazilians in March of this year. Already more recently, it initiated the test of the resource that allows to buy items from the Stories. 
The idea is that over time, Facebook could introduce more tools to merchants who are building their business on Instagram and of course expanding new revenue opportunities.
It is worth remembering that an IG Shopping would not be the first "spin-off" of Instagram. IGTV was launched in June this year to compete with YouTube.

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