Samsung Galaxy F this year, and in the meantime there is new information about the screen


Samsung Galaxy F is a foldable smartphone that will be shown in November . This was confirmed recently by DJ Koh himself, the head of the mobile department of the company. Earlier in the network there were rumors that in tablet mode, i.e. after unfolding, the screen should be 7.3 inches . And how will it be after submission? Here, the secret behind us removes the ET News report.
Samsung Galaxy F will get an additional, smaller screen on the outside. It has to be a 4.6-inch panel, which is relatively small for today's standards among smartphones. However, when unfolded, the users of the phone will get a 7.3-inch image, which is quite large. The resolution of the panels is not known, but probably on both ppi screens will be very similar. Of course, they will be OLED screens.
Samsung Galaxy F folded smartphone price when the premiere of what screens

Samsung Galaxy F has been created for years

The folded smartphone Galaxy F is a project that Samsung has been working on for many years. The first information about him was presented five years ago. At the time, however, it was only a concept that has evolved over the years. Along with new solutions appearing on the market, the smartphone has been constantly changing. It seems that the Korean giant is indeed ready for its introduction to the market, although until recently it was assumed that it will take place next year .
Samsung Galaxy F will not be cheap. The price is expected to be close to $ 2,000 . In principle, this should not come as a surprise, because you pay for innovations and you know that from today. A folded smartphone will probably make it easier on the market, but it will be equipment that not everyone can afford to buy.

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