Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is difficult to repair according to iFixit

Samsung in this year has decided to focus strongly on the design of their devices almost completely erasing the frames on the screen, and even Galaxy Note 8 was
 built with this philosophy, but the problem arises when it comes time to repair the latter as he showed the iFixitteam that hacked it to study its internal components and to see if the replacement of these is easy or not.
The score received from Note 8 is the same as S8 and S8 + or 4 out of 10This is because the opening of the rear body and the removal of the screen are very complicated due to the large amount of adhesive glue used to glue these two 
components. Once the two glass panels have been removed, the removal of the internal components is much easier thanks to the modular structure organization chosen by Samsung for its flagship devices and the scarcity of screws used to access 
the most hidden components. We can conclude by saying that the great difficulty in opening the smartphone is to remove the two glass panels that are very delicate and if you break them they will be very expensive to replace and very difficult to re-assemble.

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