Samsung will present the Galaxy X folding screen before 2019

This is one of the major races that are currently playing in the world of smartphones, the one that will be the first manufacturer to provide a foldable screen phone. Samsung, who spoke about the Galaxy X project more than two years ago, today announced the presentation of its foldable smartphone by the end of the year.

The countdown is launched for the South Korean firm. Heated by rival Huawei who boosted his troops to win the race, Samsung confirmed to CNBC that it will unveil its foldable screen smartphone before 2019.
Best of all, the CEO of Samsung's mobile division is even making a presentation at the company's developer conference on November 7 and 8. DJ Koh, however, admitted that the task was " complicated " but that the firm had " almost completed ".
A patent published by Let's Go Digital gave a glimpse of what the Galaxy X will look like. The sketches suggest that the phone will leave part of the screen uncovered once folded, enough to leave space for notifications and messages. DJ Koh confirmed that this part of the screen will remain active all the time.

Samsung is facing two issues today. On the one hand, the decline in sales of its smartphones and, on the other hand, the acceleration of the development of folding screens. Competition has hardened with Huawei's announcement of its own flexible device in 2019 and LG's recent arrival in this segment .
The Galaxy X will be a very high-end phone, the Wall Street Journal suggests a price revolving around $ 1500. A sale price justified by the development and cost of the foldable screen as well as its processor. Samsung's product is expected to reach a small audience but DJ Koh said in November he wants " to be ready for a mass market and a technological level sufficient for consumers to consider it a well-designed phone. "

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